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Black Pearl provides sealcoating and striping for all types of commercial lots such as restaurants, shopping centers, retailers, offices, churches, schools and government facilities. We also maintain large multi-unit residences such as condominiums and town home associations.

Black Pearl specializes in asphalt maintenance, offering a complete program of professional solutions that include asphalt patching, crack filler, sealcoating and line striping.

Why maintain parking lots with sealcoat? Because asphalt is a molecularly open-chain, porous substance in nature, its binding and waterproofing properties are left vulnerable to disintegration through contact with elements such as oil, grease and fuel. Asphalt is affected even more critically by exposure to the erosive elements caused by Midwestern winters and the frequent application of salt to slippery pavements. The function of sealcoating is to serve as a protective barrier between asphalt and the elements that cause it to disintegrate. It also presents a clean, manicured look that renews a building’s appearance and enhances your business’ image.

Avoid Accidents. According to insurance industry statistics, slip-and-falls can be a cause of major losses due to liability claims filed against businesses. Claims of negligence are the basis for liability in the majority of personal injury claims. Proper parking lot maintenance may help avoid a personal injury claim filed against your business by an injured tenant, guest or customer.

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