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Black Pearl Sealcoating offers a complete series of residential asphalt solutions including asphalt patching, crack filler, and sealcoating. We are proud of our reputation of providing residential customers with quality service: we introduce ourselves to all new customers and provide recommendations on the individual needs of their driveway.

No two driveways are alike. We donít conduct business based upon a thoughtless telephone estimate. Our commitment is to extend the life of your driveway and prevent the need for costly resurfacing.

When to Sealcoat?
Pavement sealer should not be applied when the nighttime temperature is expected to drop below 45-50 degrees (before drying). Avoid sealcoating under dropping nighttime temperatures, as the sealer applied in cold weather is prone to failure. There is no specific time of year for sealcoating your driveway. As long as temperatures are warm enough, and rain is not imminent, any time of year is fine.

Have a tree near the driveway?
You may prefer to sealcoating prior to the fall, to avoid the challenge of falling leaves: though they wonít obstruct bonding of the sealer, they can be a nuisance, as they remain stuck to your driveway for some time before eventually disintegrating.

Consumers Beware!
Be cautious of unannounced visits from a team of sealcoating guys offering a rock bottom price (probably because they have leftover materials). You likely wonít see them again in your neighborhood; these individuals seldom return to the same area twice. A much safer option is a professional sealcoating contractor applying a known, high-quality product.

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